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Camp on Farm Berkunjung ke Kebun Kopi

by Tebeahmad

Camp on Dago Diary Farm

by Sharontravelogue

Jadi Petani Cilik di Camp on Farm

by Anggia Bontya

About us

It comes up from the simple idea how to make agriculture cool?

We decided to prove that so many fun and cool things that we can do with agriculture, and we try to camp on the farm near our beloved city Bandung. And It Rocked!

For the urban community they can get educated about agriculture directli, reduce carbon footprint by eating straight from the source, as well as providing experience and adventure are definetely different from everyday life in urban areas are cramped and boring.

Farmers can feel the direct interaction with the people who eat their products. Gain direct appreciation that will increas confidence and their pride as Indonesian farmers.

This tour besides educational system also plays a role in ecology in which the coversion of productive land in Indonesia is increasingly alarming, and eclining interest of young generation to professional farmers.